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Death again

I'm in school again. While doing a little homework, my best friend texted me. She wanted to let me know about a man from the church I grew up in. He had a heart attack and died suddenly. He is (was) one of my daddy's good friends so she wanted to make sure I knew so I could check on him. He wasn't sick so this was completely unexpected. One time my aunt told me that one of the bad things about getting older is that all of your friends start to die off. 
If the Las Vegas shooting and this death doesn't teach me anything, it should remind me that life is so short and can be cut off unexpectedly. This means: 1) I really need to do a better job of keeping in touch with the people that I love 2) I really need to be ready for death because a long life isn't guaranteed
It's so easy to excuse the fact that I don't communicate regularly with people. I mean, come on, I have a husband and 3 kids, I'm in school, I live way out in Utah, I have church responsibilitie…
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What a day to start blogging again!

Always, in the back of my mind, is the thought that I should blog again. I miss it but I don't miss the feeling that I'm adding something else to my never-ending to-do list. So, I put it off. Then, I thought I'll start on the 1st of the month. But, I didn't. Then, I said I'll start on my 40th birthday. But, that passed. So, I woke up this morning on October 2nd and said I'm gonna blog today.

This morning, I got up and started preparing breakfast for the family. A few minutes later, my husband said to me, "Hey, did you see this latest news story?" I didn't. He showed me. I found out that once again someone decided that human life is not valuable and decided to end the lives of a bunch of strangers. People who just wanted to enjoy themselves. People he didn't know. He decided to forever alter the lives of hundreds of family and friends of those 50+ people.

I thought and decided that I'm gonna blog today. And tomorrow. And the next day. I'…


Have you ever done something wrong? Something you know was wrong? Something you've already apologized for, repented of, tried to make amends for? But, then, years later, someone brings it back up and it's as if you just did the thing.

That is the frailty of being humans. We can't forget wrongdoings, especially when we were the victim.

Life is hard sometimes. We all have done something wrong. We've all felt guilty or ashamed because of a bad decision (or series of decisions) on our part. But, how long must the guilty continue to feel guilty?

I'm so grateful today for this scripture. It comes from Micah 7:19; a part of the Bible rarely referenced. It says: "He will again have compassion on us; he will tread our iniquities underfoot. You will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea."

Thank you, God!

September 1

Well, I've been thinking about getting back to the old blog. Since it's the first of the month, why not now.
We are in a new place, again. Salt Lake City, Utah! We are somewhat settled now. Just waiting for our shipment from Angola which should arrive in the next two weeks.
My goal is to blog every day for the month of September. I think that should get me back in the swing of things. We'll see. I think I have quite a bit to blog about though. New city, fitness, family...there's always something going on. I'm going to try to think of a schedule for myself though. I think this will give me something to break up the monotony of my days here. But for now, I'm going to explore some malls/shopping centers in solitude.

Rocky Beginnings

I decided towards the end of last year that I would start blogging again. Then, I thought why not just start on Jan 1st. I planned this nice introspective post about new beginnings and making decisions to change our lives for the better.

And, then...

While eating breakfast, we heard a loud crash. This is what we found.

Yep, a portion of the ceiling collapsed onto the floor because of a water leak. Also, there is mold. Great way to start off the year.
Since it was new year's day, I knew there was no way that we could get anything done to fix this. So, we just put a trash can under the leak and swept the trash into that pile up there and moved on with our day. We left the pile because we want to make sure the maintenance people see it.
The kids and I decided to go swimming. When we returned to our house, we noticed this.

This house is super raggedy. We live on a compound of 100 houses that are exactly the same. Some are more raggedy than others because some of us live at the bottom …

Danica and Malaria

I haven't made the time to transfer pics from my phones and cameras yet so that's why I haven't blogged about Namibia and South Africa yet. But, I remembered I never told this story.

So, a couple months ago now, Danica started feeling ill. She said her stomach hurt and she had a really high fever and was just very lethargic. We have been warned continuously that any time anyone has a fever, they should be checked immediately for malaria. So, of course we headed to the clinic. There are only a couple clinics here where the company allows us to go for medical issues. At that time, there was only one in the city. So, I pack up the kids and we set off. I have Danica wrapped in her quillow because she was freezing cold. The driver sets off for the clinic.

Unfortunately, although this is the primary clinic for expats like us, that doesn't mean there is always an English speaking person available. I keep telling the people (in my limited portuguese) that my daughter is sick, …

Why we are here!

I'm back for real this time...

The main deciding factor for coming to Angola for 3 years was that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. When will we have another chance to live in Africa and travel around the continent. At my children's school, they get 3 breaks a year. They have Spring break for a week in October. Remember, we are south of the equator so the seasons are opposite. They have summer break in December for 3 weeks and then a 2 week fall break in March/April. Additionally, because this is considered a hardship assignment, the husband's company gives a stipend for R&R trips.

For us, this means at least 3 African vacations yearly and then a trip to the US in June/July/August (not sure when we'll arrive or leave). After our stay here, we should have visited at least 9 countries.

We've already begun our travels and I will blog in depth about those this week. In October, we went to Namibia and visited the cities of Windhoek, Swakopmund, and Sossusvle…