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No Worries

Remember how I was trying to figure out what I would feed my vegan in-laws. Well, all was in vain, because they are NOT vegan at all. They do limit certain foods but we're eating chicken, fish, dairy, etc.

Random Thoughts

I had the best sleep ever last night. I am so happy about this.I never did go to choir rehearsal and here's why. On Friday nights, I'm tired and I just realized that. And, I have to be at church early on Saturday because I've been teaching the babies Sabbath school class. I guess the choir thing will have to wait.I really like Dwayne's car. I drove it quite a bit while he was away because I didn't feel like putting gas in my car. It's pretty nice!On the way to HEB camp, one of the cars we were following broke down. So, we ended up squeezing them (7 people) in 3 other cars. I had 3 kids in car seats in my back seat. I was overjoyed to find out that I can fit 3 car seats in my car. That means 2 car seats and a booster should work just fine. So, my quest for a new car is seriously on the back burner right now. I'm not saying I won't get one but it's not that serious.My in-laws will be here tomorrow. And they're vegan. I don't know what they'…

My Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Dwayne will be back in town tomorrow afternoon and we are very happy about that. I'm a little upset that I didn't go too. That was our plan, initially. But we would've had to get the kids down to Florida to either set of the grands. Or, we would've taken them with us. Sometimes, I don't even feel like packing them up to go to Walmart so I wasn't extremely interested in crossing the pond with them in tow. It just felt like too much of a hassle so I opted out of the trip. The cold weather there added to that decision.

Dwayne and I were talking before he left. We both love to travel and want to visit so many places. What better way to go than on the company's dime. They really treat you well. Dwayne has proven to be a good employee for them so he's gotten opportunities he never even dreamed of getting. His former boss is still trying to get him to Angola simply because of his work ethic. That's impressive.

I didn't really start writing this post to b…

Kid Talk

First of all, the whining has stopped!!!

One of the most amusing things is having a conversation with the little ones or listening to them talk to each other. They say some crazy stuff. Every night before bed, we have family worship. The kids look forward to it and won't let us forget it even when we're dog tired. So, even though it's just been the three of us this week, daddy is still very much a part of worship because the kids pray for him every night...especially Brayden.

Brayden's prayer has been going something like this: "Dear Jesus. Thank you for keeping me safe. Help me to be obedient. Please help daddy to visit the queen (he's in London) and to get back on the airplane. Amen." Why is this boy so worried about his dad visiting the queen? I think it's hilarious that he wants that to happen.

When Danae is upset it always shows up in her prayers. She'll say "Please help mommy and daddy to stop being so bad to me." Or, please help momm…

The Fear Factor

Every time I go to the doctor for my prenatal visits, my doctor reminds me of something. He is very nervous that I won't make it to the hospital in time for the delivery. So, my instructions are to get in the car as soon as I feel the first contraction. The fact that he says that at EVERY visit is starting to make me feel nervous. I have had pretty quick deliveries so far. Danae was born 4 1/2 hours after getting to the hospital. Brayden came in 2 hours. I had also dilated quite a bit by the time I arrived both times. The doc is convinced that I'll be on the news because my baby was delivered on the roadside somewhere.

I'm also beginning to feel a little nervous about going through childbirth. I'm not ready for that experience again. My neighbor says I shouldn't be bothered because I know what to expect. But, it's precisely because I know what to expect that I'm getting a little scared.

I'm still not getting an epidural though. I made it through twice so …

The Annoying Side of Parenting

Brayden is sick with a cold. When he's sick, he's extremely annoying because he whines a lot. I HATE WHINING!!! Unfortunately, Dwayne is not here to rescue me (or him) and won't be back until Thursday. Brayden better be well by then.

Danae is trying to be a good big sister to him. But, he wants my attention and gets mad when she tries to comfort him. This, of course, leads to more whining. Danae decided to leave that nut alone after a while. She said "Mom, I tried to help Brayden but now I'm going to my room." I thanked her and let her go.

Danae cried this morning because she misses her daddy. She's such a daddy's girl. They both pray for him every night. I think we'll all be happy when he comes home.

Mid Week Fun

This is who I hung out with last night...

And this is where we the Disney on Ice show.

Fun times!

I almost had a great night of sleep too until I was awakened around 4:30 this morning with a leg cramp that had me in tears. That sucka would not ease up. Dwayne rubbed and stretched. I rubbed and stretched. Eventually, I just got up and started walking around, afraid every minute that I would hit the ground. It left and I went to sleep again to be wakened by Brayden declaring his hunger.

Bad Night's Sleep

For those of you who have experienced pregnancy, you know that a comfortable night's sleep gets more rare as the pregnancy progresses. Now, add to that a thunderstorm, a 2 year old boy, and a 3 year old girl, and tell me how you think my night was.

I got beat up so bad I thought I was in a real fight. Danae slept next to me because normally she's the better one of the two. Um, last night she was going through some thangs. That chick kicked and punched me so much. She even kicked me in my stomach so I had to turn around and shield my unborn from the crazy duo. Dwayne said he woke up and noticed that I was on the very edge of the bed. He tried to rescue me but they just came right back. Brayden was right up under Danae who was right up under me. So, today, I am sore and sleepy.

Dwayne said he even heard me moaning during the night. I almost got up to go to the sofa but I didn't have the energy to move.

Happy Veterans Day!

There are a few vets in my family. Quite honestly, not one of them who served during war times came back anywhere near the way they were when they left. I think our nation has done a huge disservice to those who sign up to put their lives on the line for our freedom and safety.

One of my cousins fought in Vietnam. He REFUSES to discuss what happened there. Of course, I don't know how he was before he left. But, even the pictures before war looked different. He had a more pleasant disposition. When he came back, he had major struggles. Eventually, he ended up being an alcoholic and crack head. After years of being addicted to drugs, he went through a rehab program and has been sober for close to 20 years now. However, he still has to deal with the consequences. His girlfriend gave birth to a child who was addicted to drugs and still doesn't have the ability to make sound decisions. My cousin's body was ravaged. He still drinks heavily.

He will tell you that he started drinkin…

Camping With My Girl

We had a very nice weekend at HEB Camp. The weather was really nice, much better than when we went previously in February and it was miserably cold. The food was delicious and, most of all, I got to spend a lot of time with my Danae.

Check out these beautiful fall colors.

Danae got to spend a lot of time with friends.

I told you I would have some funny stories.

For those of you who have never been, you have to ride through a very low part of the Frio River to get to the campsite. It's about 4 inches deep. When Danae saw the water, she said "Mommy, do you know we're not in a boat?" I told her yes. Then she reminded me that cars can't swim in the water. The way she said it was funny because I think she was genuinely concerned that I didn't know cars don't belong in water.

We also had another lady and her baby ride down with us. This lady did not bring any snacks, juice, or water for her child. So, I told her she could share some of my food. Inwardly, I was think…


So, Dwayne and I have decided to separate...but only for the weekend. He's going to Florida for his cousin's funeral and he's taking Brayden with him. I'm going camping with some people from church and taking Danae. This is our first time separating the kids for a weekend and I'm sure they'll go through some withdrawal. Or, maybe not. Brayden will get to spend time with his cousins. Danae will get to hang with her favorite girl friends.

Then, on Sunday, Danae and I are going to hang out in San Antonio for a few hours and do whatever she wants to do. It should be fun. We rarely get to spend time alone.

I'm sure I'll have some crazy stories to share after this one.

Our President and First Lady


I am so excited about this election since Obama is the declared winner. Unfortunately, Dwayne is knocked out in the bed so I'm celebrating by myself.

McCain's concession speech was really nice. He bowed out with dignity and grace.

President Obama's speech was great! I love how he talks about his wife. I was moved when I saw Jesse Jackson in tears because I know this is truly remarkable for someone who fought so hard for our civil rights.

The best thing about this is that he has broken the ultimate glass ceiling. My children will have a different outlook on their opportunities and dreams and goals. My kids celebrated before they went to bed. They were running around the house screaming "Obama". In the morning, I can tell them he really is going to be our President.

I just pray that God continues to protect him and his family. And, that God will guide him in this most difficult task.

I am so HAPPY!!! Tonight...I cried.

Mr. President

I can't wait for tonight just so this whole thing will be over. It's too much!

One thing I can't understand is why anyone would actually want this job right now. Our country is a mess! There is no way I would go through all of this campaigning and invasion of privacy and crap to be President. Not after Bush has messed us up so badly.

I really hope Obama wins!


When I was little, my favorite holiday was Halloween. We used to have so much fun! We rarely bought costumes, we would just make them instead. Remember, my family was not the richest in the world. So, usually the weekend before Halloween, my cousins and I would descend on my aunt's house and come up with our costumes for the year. She lived in the projects so everyone had made-up costumes. Good times, indeed!

One year, we dressed our "uncle" (translation: my aunt's boyfriend) up as a woman, complete with boobs. It was a hot mess! But, he was always a good sport with us and would go along even if he looked crazy. I supplied most of the pieces of our costumes from my dance recital attire. Or, we would use old clothes or whatever.

Anyway, the people in the hood would always give the best candy. There would usually be a couple of parties that we would crash and it was the one day we could eat as much candy as we wanted.

Now, we don't celebrate Halloween and sometimes I …