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My little baby is walking

This is both good and bad. Good because he's a little more independent and won't have to be carried around. He can follow his sis around the house easier. Bad because he already gets into everything so now it's only going to be worse.

Happy Anniversary... my and my husband. We made it to 7 years today. What are we doing today to celebrate? Nothing. He's out of town on a business trip.

When we got married, we decided that instead of giving gifts, we would go on a trip every year to celebrate another year of survival as Mr and Mrs. Here's what we've done so far:

Honeymoon - The Poconos in Pennsylvania. We had a fabulous time there and said we would go back for our 5th...butta...we didn't.

1st Anniv - Orlando, Fl. We went to Wet n' Wild and Universal Studios. My husband and I love water parks so this was perfect. We stayed in a resort for a week and had a ball.

2nd Anniv - We had just moved to Texas so we went to San Antonio for an extended weekend. We took the riverboat cruise, went to Natural Bridge Caverns and a wildlife park. We fell in love with San Antonio during that time.

3rd Anniv - We went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico a couple of weeks before the big day with friends so that served as our trip that year. On ou…

Fun Times

The Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose is the best children's museum I've ever been to. Now, I don't have a whole lot of experience here but I enjoyed it. My daughter and I had a girls day out on Sunday and that's where we went. It was wonderful.

I already knew this but my daughter is a trip. In one area, she was playing with a little girl. That girl's mom was amazed at how well Danae talks and that she's potty trained (I guess she could see her panties to tell that). So, the lady kept asking us both questions. My girl said "can you stop asking questions". I was a little embarrassed and reprimanded her for talking that way to an adult. But, the Lord knows I was thinking the same thing. Later, in the bubble area, a little Asian boy tried to take the bubble wand that she was playing with. Actually, he did snatch it out of her hand but she grabbed his arm and squeezed it until he let go. At the same time, she said "don't take it from me…