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Life after Death

No, this isn't about anything spiritual although I noticed the title seems like it will be.

Dwayne has a cousin, probably in her mid to late forties who has been battling cancer for a few years now. A couple of nights ago, we got a call that she probably wouldn't make it through the night. This morning, we got a call that she died. I feel so bad her husband and daughter because even when it's expected it's still very hard.

This afternoon, I got a call from one of my sisters-in-law. She called to let us know she just found out she's pregnant. They have been trying for probably about 6 months now. I'm so excited for them. So, Dwayne and both of his brothers are living with pregnant wives. I think this is so cool! His parents are going to get 3 new grandchildren in the span of about 4 months. Dwayne's leading the pack, then his younger brother, and then the older brother. This will bring the grandchildren total in his family to 7.

Although I don't want to

I think I can handle almost anything. I'm not really scared of the economy crashing. I can deal with losing every material possession I own. I will pick up and move anywhere in the world if necessary. I just don't fear a whole lot of the bad things that can happen to me.

But, my one fear is something happening to any of my children. If my child was found slumped over in a SUV because of a fatal bullet wound, it would be very hard for me to get past that one. This is why I pray all day and every day for the safety of my babies. There are some things I just can't handle and hope I never have to try.

But Where Is God?

Yesterday evening, we had a thunderstorm in our area. If you ever get to experience this with my children, you will see how different they really are. Brayden ran from window to window looking at the rain and lightning. Danae almost made me fall by holding onto my dress and following my every step.

She is TERRIFIED of the sound of thunder. Actually, she's afraid of quite a few things. A while ago, we adopted the practice of talking about the fear, reassuring her that everything will be okay, and praying about it. So, she came to me and asked me to sit on the sofa with her so we could wrap ourselves in the blanket during the storm. I reminded her that I was still cooking so I couldn't do that. But, I told her she could stay in the kitchen with me. She did, while holding onto my dress the entire time. Brayden came to pat her on the back a couple of times but he was too excited by the noise so he didn't stay long.

I asked Danae what made her afraid of thunder. She said it was…

Kid Stuff

I don't have time to blog about what I wanted to but I wanted to share a couple of things.

Danae said the sweetest thing to me yesterday. We always talk about what she wants to be when she grows up. She is seriously all over the place. She wants to be a pilot, model, beautician, teacher, drawer (as in person who draws), or work in an office like daddy. But yesterday, she added "I also want to be a mommy because you're a good mommy and I love you." Is that sweet or what? She also wants to have a baby in her belly too. Brayden then told me "Yep, you're absolutely fantastic." He's into trying out big words now.

Then, last night Danae made us all join her for a tea party. During the party she got a pretend call from her friend. His name is Mark and he's 20. He lives in Hoorah! Dwayne was going off about how she doesn't need 20 year old boy friends. She said but he's cute too! I was rolling. The only reason she thought up an age and location i…

I could've been a thug Mrs.

Can you imagine it? Me either. Let's get to the story.

My first love was this sweet, cute boy named Michael. We met when we were about 15 in the choir I wrote about yesterday. He was a lot of fun to hang with and my entire family loved him. So, after hanging out a bit, he asked me to be his girlfriend. We dated for the rest of our high school years.

He was really a good guy. He was super smart, went to church every Sunday, and was very respectful. But, he came from a crazy family. His parents divorced when he was younger which really affected the four kids. He had an older brother, a twin sister, and a younger sister. His mom and dad didn't get along at all and often put the kids in the middle of their disagreements. His mom was rumored to be gay. I don't know if that was true but she did have a "friend" who lived with them. His dad remarried a very nice lady and moved on with his life. His grandma lived next door where she was raising her twin grandsons because t…

What should I write?

Well, I sat down to post something today and couldn't think of a thing to write to start this week. So, I looked at a previous post to get ideas and saw this.

I sing: to my children every day

Then, I thought of something that none of you know about me.

I used to sing a lot in church but that really changed in March 1994. Let me tell you a little about it.

When I was a little girl, my family (extended family included) was really into music. I have a cousin who is a very seriously good musician. His specialty is the trumpet but he can play almost every instrument there is. Well, on second thought, I don't think he can play string instruments. This fool lives in Houston too and one day I'm going to get him to play at our church. Anyway, we frequently had talent shows in my aunt's backyard with at least 50 people in attendance. We coordinated dance routines, sang songs, and had so much fun together.

One of my older cousins decided to form a group with us younger ones. So, we …

Our Garden

Did I tell you all that we have a garden in our backyard. It was supposed to be a project for me and the kids but Mr. Perfectionist got involved and has us checking the pH level of our soil and all kinds of stuff. Anyway, we planted some planned stuff and we also have a compost section. The compost part is where you just throw whatever in the dirt and see what comes up.

We have carrots, scallions, canteloupe, bell pepper, and eggplant plants that are doing well. Here's some pictures:

The canteloupes are so gangster. They are singlehandedly taking over our garden.



Eggplant (I think)

Let's Get Personal

So, Trini and I were talking yesterday about revealing personal stuff on our blogs. Some people treat their blogs like they're on a reality show. They reveal very personal triumphs and tragedies. It's probably very cathartic but also very scary. They really put themselves out there to perfect strangers. Anyway, I decided to try this out. Next week, every post is going to be some sort of a personal revelation. I don't know yet just how deep I'll go but I'm curious about how it makes me feel and the comments I'll receive.

So, if there's anything you have ever wondered about me, ask. Or, give me topic ideas. I already have some things in mind. If there's absolutely nothing you're curious about, just sit back and enjoy the ride. You'll definitely learn something new about me.


Danae's new phrase is "I'm frustrated". She's been saying it for a couple of days but Dwayne just heard it last night for the first time. He had to do …

Going Crazy!

I have been very hormonal this week. Yesterday, I was seriously pissed off with Dwayne about something really inconsequential. I recognize it as being a hormonally induced rage. The night before I got mad with him about something else. I can't explain it but things that normally wouldn't even caused a raised eyebrow are driving me nuts. Dwayne thinks I'm losing my mind. Yesterday, he told me he loves me about 20 times. I think he's scared I might snap and go postal or something. I'm blaming the baby girl! And, the fact that this week is particularly stressful for me because of school and my habit of procrastination.

In my other pregnancies, I don't remember snapping about stuff. With Danae, there was a Donnie McClurkin song that would have me in tears every day. I can't remember which song it was but I had to listen to it every single day and would then be an emotional wreck. This was during my drive to and from work every day. With Brayden, I was too tired …

Introducing my newest godson!!!

Isn't he the cutest??? I think babies are at their cutest when sleeping. He was supposed to be born today but he came a little early on October 1st. Danae said she loves him. Brayden thinks it's Danae's baby picture. I'm not putting his name on here because I didn't even get permission from his mommy to post his picture. I just couldn't resist! I can't wait to see him in person.

I Need Help!

I have a serious condition and I need one of you to help me find a cure.

My name is Bridgette and I'm a procrastinator.

Because of this, I will be extremely busy this week doing things I could've done a month ago.


Danae got mad with me last week. We were in a store looking at baby clothes. I picked up some baby girl clothes and she asked if it was for her sister. I told her it's for another baby. She told me I don't need to buy clothes for another baby because she has a sister who needs clothes. I reminded her that her sister won't be here for a few months. That girl is nothing if not loyal to her siblings. She can beat Brayden down but will kill someone else for messing with him. Crazy!


Brayden now has the habit of getting in his sister's bed to sleep with her at night. The problem is he sleeps so wild that he ends up kicking her out of her own bed. And, she won't sleep in his bed because she still sees it as a crib even though it's been converte…

The 3rd Child

In case you didn't know, I am absolutely thrilled that my third child is another girl. Danae and I prayed for a girl and God granted our request. I wouldn't have been disappointed if the baby was a boy but I am happy with the outcome. I don't really know why though. While we were getting the ultrasound, Dwayne and the tech both laughed at me. Why? Because I was just as excited as if it were my first baby. I oohed when she waved her little hand and smiled the entire way through. The tech said most moms aren't as excited after the first baby. But for me, it's as if she's my first. Although I have been a mom for a few years now, I've never been HER mom. Even though I have experience with a daughter, this is a different child who will have a different personality. I can't wait to meet her. I love children in general and have a deeper love for my own babies. Now, I look forward to seeing her and holding her and smelling her. I love that newborn baby smell. I…

The other part of yesterday's post

I fail: when it comes to disciplining my children
I dream: crazy but very realistic dreams when I sleep. I almost always have to figure out if was real or not the next morning.
I sleep: with 3 pillows
I wonder: if Brayden is going to try to kill the new baby
I want: Apple pie and ice cream
I worry: about the world I'm bringing children into
I have: a better life than I thought I would
I give: more to others than to myself
I fight: the urge to eat chocolate every single day
I am: tired of being pregnant because I haven't had a good night's rest in months.
I can’t: cook rice and peas to save my life
I stay: home all day every single Monday.
I will: get my tubes tied as soon as this baby is out
I can: cook but I don't enjoy it
I would: love to visit Italy
I might: go crazy if Danae tells me one more time that she wants another Barbie doll
I like: to be around family and friends
I love: God
I smile: when my children tell me they love me
I frown: when Dwayne wakes me up early in the morning

More About Me

I don't really have much to talk about so I'm going to do a little something I saw on someone else's blog. You may learn something new about me or you may not.

I am not: someone who will walk on egg shells around anyone. I can't handle overly sensitive people
I hear: Diego singing about a humpback whale
I regret: not finishing college when I went the first time
I care: more about people's feelings than most people think
I always: think optimistically about everything
I long to: have a flat stomach again
I feel alone: never because there's always someone in my face
I hide: and eat chocolate sometimes since Dwayne doesn't want me to while I'm pregnant.
I drive: very safely although Dwayne and Danae tell me I drive too fast sometimes
I sing: to my children every day
I dance: with Brayden almost every day
I write: on my blog when I feel like it
I breathe: because God has not stopped me from living yet
I play: basketball with the kids every day
I miss: my mother and my c…