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Day 3

I woke up so tired today. I stayed up too late knowing that I needed to wake up pretty early. That’s the thing about having people visit you though. You want to use up every moment before they leave. For me, that means little rest and I don’t function well without rest. I also can’t nap. Well, I nap when I’m sick or if I’ve gotten like 2 hours of sleep or something. But, napping is a chore for me and downright impossible sometimes.

I hadn’t see. Our friends in probably 5 years. I had only spoken with them a handful of times. Because of that, I’m very appreciative that they actually drove out here to see us. That’s special!
I’m not a very good friend. I keep in touch sporadically. I thank God for Facebook because it gives me some semblance of pretending to talk to folks. 
Anyway, I’m tired but didn’t want to miss a day.

Day 2

Well, life is slowly getting back to normal after the holidays. The kids are back in school and Dwayne is back at work today! Our friends are still here visiting but it's their last day. Tomorrow, they leave and we'll be back to the humdrum.
I'm so happy they came to visit us. It's been wayyyyyyy too long since we've spent time with them. It's been fun catching up and the kids getting to know each other a bit. We spent some time snow tubing and playing games and watching movies and talking and talking and talking. Good times!
One of my own shortcomings is that I don't keep in touch with folks. It's bad. I know it. I'm going to start making baby steps towards it though. Thank God for Facebook and Instagram or I wouldn't still be in touch with almost anyone. But, that's lazy. I know it.
Anyway, when the kids come home, we'll go ice skating and have our last bit of fun before our friends head back to Florida. 
That's day 2! Until tomor…

Happy New Year

It's the day of new starts and resolutions and all that good stuff. I never make resolutions. Mostly, because I know myself and I won't keep it. I try to live by a different rule where as I learn better, I do better. I wish I would apply that fully to my health though. Who knows? Maybe this will be the year.

We brought the New Year in hanging out with friends that have been in our lives for almost 20 years and friends we've only known for 1 year. I think it's the perfect balance. New and old. Familiar and (relatively) unfamiliar.

One thing that I'm working on is trying to have an attitude adjustment when it comes to my feelings about Utah. I really REALLY don't like it here. It just feels so foreign and like it's not really (temporarily) home for me. I don't feel settled or welcomed. But, I also realize that it's a pretty decent place. It's safe. It's beautiful. It's not too expensive.

I'm going to try to blog every day this year tho…