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Day at the Park and Birth Control

I'm in a quandary now about birth control. I presently have two babies in diapers and have no desire to add #3 to the mix. But, I also am not ready to make the oh-so-final decision to have my tubes tied. So at my doctor's appointment this morning, the good ole doc wrote a prescription for the Nuva-Ring. He told me all the good stories his other patients have told him about how easy this is and how they've had no problems. I had more than enough problems with the birth control pill. And the thing is I didn't know about the problems until I got off the pill. So, I vowed to never pop another one in my life. My opinion about birth control in general is that it messes with the way God intended for the female body to function. I want to just trust that God will close my womb and I won't get pregnant again. On the other hand, I didn't totally expect to be pregnant just as my daughter was celebrating her first birthday and I really would not handle it well if it happen…

Just Stuff

I watched Tyra's show one day last week. Normally, I don't really like her show but this one had stars from popular shows in the 80's/90's. Karyn Parsons was on (Hillary from The Fresh Prince of Belair) and she was talking about a new production company that she started called Sweet Blackberry. She is producing DVD's for kids about Black History. And, she's focusing on little known people so it won't just be Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, etc. I thought this was worth sharing.

I also started working out. Lord knows pregnancy does not leave you looking very cute. My stomach is out of control and my thighs apparently got bigger too because I can't pull my jeans up over them. What a mess!

This weekend, I finally watched Akeelah and The Bee. This movie was so good and I'm mad I didn't see it sooner. The only reason I rented it at all was because I fell in love with KeKe Palmer on the Black Movie Awards. This is one to buy as far …

Nightmares and Dreamscapes

Last night I had two dreams about people trying to kill me. What in the world does this mean?

Dream #1:
I went back a few decades for this one. I was in the house when Marvin Gaye's daddy was about to shoot him. Have no idea why I was there but I decided to try to be the hero and jumped in between the two of them. Dad was like "You need to move out the way. This don't have nothing to do with you." Did I take his advice? NOOOO. The next thing I know Dad pulled the trigger and I jumped in front of Marvin Gaye. The dream ended there so I don't know how good a shot dad was. Hopefully, we both dodged the bullet. Well, sadly we already know Marvin didn't.

Dream #2:
I'm hanging out with some friends. One friend had a few cousins here from out-of-town. Don't know where. One of them got mad about something I said so later she told her cousin (my friend) that she was going to kill me. My friend told me and I kinda blew it off. She said "this girl is really cra…

-Ology Meme

I saw this on someone else's blog and thought it was something to do so why not? Maybe some of you will find out even more info about me you didn't know (in addition to the story on the breast cancer post).

Grub-ology: * What is your salad dressing of choice? Classic Caesar
* What is your favorite fast food restaurant? Chick-fil-a
* What is your favorite sit down restaurant? Churrasco's or Maggiano's
* On average, what size tip do you leave at a restaurant? 15%
* What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of? Chicken
* Name three foods you detest above all others. Spinach, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw
* What is your favorite dish to order in a Chinese restaurant? Lettuce Wraps at P.F. Chang's
* What are your pizza topping(s) of choice? chicken, cheese, mushrooms
* What do you like to put on your toast? butter and strawberry preserves
* What is your favorite type of gum? don't have one

Tech-ology: * Number of contacts in your cell phone? don't know
* Numb…

Wanna smoke?

This is a ceiling mural in a smoker's lounge somewhere.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Well, this is breast cancer awareness month and I'm posting this blog to encourage everyone to please check yourselves out. Yes, I said everyone because from what I've read, men (although it's rare) can also get breast cancer.

In June of 1990 (I can't believe it's been that long), my mother was diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer. Four short but painful years later, she died because of cancer. I will never forget that June. My aunt and I traveled to Houston, TX (of all places) to visit my cousin. I found later that this trip was arranged so I would be away while my mother had a biopsy done to find out if her tumor was malignant. Anyway, when we returned my mother sat me down to let me know she had cancer. I felt like the world ended right then. Unfortunately, I was no stranger to cancer. My grandparents and aunt died from it, another aunt had a mastectomy because of it, and another cousin was undergoing treatment at that time. To me, she just told me she was go…


It's kinda funny that I posted yesterday about beauty. On Oprah's show yesterday, she talked about aging and had beautiful women over 50 that hardly looked their age. One was Ms. Diahann Carroll. I have always considered her to be one of the most beautiful women around and was surprised to find out that she's 71. She looks so good. So, while I was sitting there all impressed by her good looks and all, she goes on to say that she has had plastic surgery and recommends it for others. Man, I thought that was just natural beauty. Silly me! But, I'm still hoping that when it comes to aging, my black half comes through for me because it really seems that black women generally age a lot better than some others.

For the pictures attached, the first is from the show yesterday, the second is from 1961, and the third is from the Dynasty days.


So, I am so glad Monique was kicked off America's Next Top Model. Her attitude was horrible! I love the show but the contestants for this cycle are a little boring to me. I mean the "rock and roll" girl is kinda funny but overall they're just not doing it. And, I'm so tired of seeing J Alexander looking a hot mess. It trips me out that he talks so badly about the girls as if he looks good or even decent. I digress.

On another note, my daughter has me tripping. She is really rough and likes to do dangerous things and play with nasty bugs. But, she's also kinda girly. For instance, she loves to carry a purse and rock her sunglasses and toy cell phone (complete with the cute pink case). This morning, she decided to try to put on my lipgloss. When she couldn't open it, she decided to put vaseline on her lips instead and then proceeded to the mirror to check herself out. What's up with that? She's not even 2 yet!! This has me thinking about our future b…