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How Do You Serve Others?

Our company is gone now, so I'm back to my blogging schedule (as if there ever was one).

If you've received an email from me, you have seen the following quote:
"The world cannot always understand one's profession of faith, but it can understand service." --Ian MacLaren

On Saturday, my family and I went on one of the best day trips since living in the Philippines. We met some of the most amazing people living in an amazing corner of the world doing an amazing job. What motivates them? The love of JESUS!

Before moving here, I was given the name of a couple here that we needed to meet. I conversed with this couple via email for a few months. Finally, they planned a trip to Manila to pick up supplies and we arranged to meet one another. So, in mid-January, I finally met Jim and Moni Webb. My Fondren friends should know who I'm talking about. They were two of the most passionate, friendly, humble people I've ever met. Dwayne wasn't with me when we met but I …

Danae - The Chef

Today, the chefs in our building held a 2 hour cooking class for the children here. It was a lot of fun! Here's what they made:

One thing I don't understand is why more parents didn't join the festivities. Most dropped their kids off and left. A lot of kids were under the age of 5 and really needed one-on-one adult supervision. I've noticed that some expat parents here seem to consider their children a bother and want to get rid of them whenever possible. Sad!

Anyway, Danae had fun. Her partner was a 7 year old named Conrad. He was very sweet and got over his disappointment of being paired with a 3 year old.

As usual, here are a few pics from the event.

Danae "reading" the recipe

Waiting for instructions

Danae and Conrad heating up the cream for the truffles

Mixing cookie dough (Isn't he the cutest little boy?)

Danae eating the truffle mixture

They got to take home their hat, apron, and a wooden spoon. Fun times!

Please forgive my absence

My inlaws have been here since March 8th and I've been spending time with them. I'll get back on it though, I promise.

In the meanwhile, I just wanted to let you guys know that we're moving back to Houston. We just don't know the exact date yet but it should be in April. Now, we're a little sad about leaving the Philippines. Just a little. It's not enough to keep us here though. It's been a fun ride!

I'll post more later.

Happy Birthday to Dwayne!

Today is Dwayne's 32nd birthday. This post is just to wish him a happy and wonderful birthday. He was only 20 when we met and started dating. Where has the time gone?

I am blessed to have a very wonderful husband. I hope he celebrates many, many more.

I love you, Dwayne.

To Keisha - Happy birthday to you too, girlie! I hope your day is fabulous!!!

Javares Washington's Children

I'm sure you guys remember that I just went home for my cousin's funeral. I thought I would post a couple of pictures of his beautiful children.

As some of you know, I'm really not very good at keeping in touch with anyone. Of course, I talk to my dad and aunts regularly. The only cousin I kept in touch with regularly was Javares. My friends and I keep in touch through email. I know it's something I need to work on and I will. For now, I am really putting forth the effort to stay in contact with his children. So, I have to go home in May for his son's kindergarten graduation and his daughter will turn 1 year old in April so I'm going to try to make that as well. If not, I'll definitely send a nice gift.

Anyway, here are the pics. I hope you're all having a fabulous day.

A Taste of Heaven on Earth

Yeap……Yeap…….Yeap……… is the maestro sitting at the keyboard informing you of another place that figuratively gave me a little taste of Heaven on Earth. Recently, my wife has been begging me to blog about something that has happened to us in the Philippines, but there is no need for me to blog about anything because she has always been involved with and captured in her blogspot just about all the activities that we engaged in except for one. While my wife and children were on an unexpected trip to the USA (Pensacola, FL) for a funeral, I decided to take advantage of a long weekend and took a journey to another beautiful part of the Philippines. This place is called Palawan. The memories of our visit to Boracay have been forever etched in my brain; however, the most exotic and gorgeous place that I have been to in the world is a place found in Southeast Asia. In order to travel to this place you must take a chartered plane from a hangar that is not connected to the main airport …