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Slimmer and Trimmer

Two weeks ago, I weighed myself and I clocked in at 147.8. I know that's not huge in our society but for me it's too much. It's the most I've ever weighed (except when pregnant) and it's not cute. So, I decided to start doing something about it.
I began exercising more regularly. The fact that I was going every now and then was doing nothing but wasting my time. I also increased my water intake and cut out some sweets.
On Monday, August 22nd, I weighed 145.2.
Today, I weigh 144.2.
I'm loving the downward trend and must keep this up. My goal is between 130-135 and a trimmer waistline. My workout partner and I will be meeting twice a week. I will work out alone twice a week and rest Friday - Sunday unless we're doing something fun as a family.
By the end of the year (but hopefully sooner), I will be at my goal weight with a much flatter belly.
Can't stop... Won't stop...

I'm Back!!!

Today was Danae's first day of school outside our home. She was excited! Dwayne and I were a little anxious. We were sending our daughter out to be cared for, and protected by, other people. But, we are confident that God will protect her and we know we chose a good school for her. She looked too cute in her uniform!

She was the 2nd kid to arrive in her class and I could tell she was a little nervous. I'm sure by the time her friends arrived she was just fine though. Brayden was so excited until we were getting ready to leave. He didn't want to leave his big sister there. Dani didn't care but was sad to leave the playground.
Home school started today as well. I love teaching my kids and Brayden is a dream. He catches on really fast and did well today. He enjoyed the science and math lessons but got bored with the reading and writing. portions. Danica worked on the letter A, her colors, and cutting. She loved the cutting! Oh, and she also enjoyed using the magnifying glas…