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Barefoot and Pregnant

So, knowing I'm pregnant again is taking some getting used to. I really thought we were finished. Of course, I was using no type of contraceptive or anything. I just had the feeling we were done. So color me surprised when the little test told me the opposite. 3 Kids!!! I don't think I'm ready. I do like the age gaps though. They will all grow up together and leave home one after the other.

Danae is excited but says she only wants a sister. She doesn't need any more brothers. I've been trying to explain that I have no say in the matter. But like most kids, she thinks her parents can do anything including decide the baby's gender. I told her to pray about it.

I don't mind having another kid but I don't really feel like being pregnant again or going through another delivery. However, I feel really blessed to be able to experience parenthood again, especially since 6 years ago I was told I was infertile. I'm just not ready to look like this.

Visiting Family

We had a good week in Florida. We were able to see both of our families in one shot. Here are pictures from our trip:

My dad with the kiddies

4 year old Anaya

Shania, Courtney, and Jordan

Dwayne and Brayden playing at Pensacola Beach

Danae playing in the sand at Pensacola Beach

Jayden being silly

Shania eating soup

Rachel playing the piano with Danae and Brayden providing the vocals

Visiting with our friends, the Campbell Family

Danae and Deja - cousins who still suck their fingers

Danae with Uncle Derrell and Auntie Evelyn

My handsome nephews - Woodrow and Kavey

Almost the entire Gibson family. One of our nieces wasn't able to make the trip to Tallahassee.

Domestic Violence

Yesterday, I watched a DVR'ed episode of an old Oprah show about the lady whose husband set her on fire. I always find it interesting that people let relationships get to that point. Granted, she was trying to break free but it seems it was too little, too late. Thankfully, I've never been in a violent relationship. And, although I say I would kill that fool in his sleep if he tried it, who knows what would really happen. No one would say "I'm going to stay and take it".

My parents never had those type of issues. The biggest arguments I remember were over watching certain TV shows on the "big TV". My dad always wanted to watch a game and my mom would stand in front of the television because she wanted to watch her show. We had 2 other televisions in the house but they both wanted that one. Silly parents!

I did have people I loved in those situations though. And, it's sad. Really. My cousin, F, has been married for about 25 years or longer to a man who…

I am not a morning person

But, I wake up every morning between 5:30 and 6:00 so I can get things done before my children wake up. This morning, Danae woke up just after 6 telling me "it's not dark outside anymore." That's her reason for being up so early. So, I tried to do my own thing. She asked if I would give her a vitamin and breakfast. So, my daughter and I ate breakfast together at 6:30. She's now in my bed because she's cold. In about an hour, I'll have to repeat the same thing for her brother. I hate it when they throw me off my schedule.

Beauty Stuff

I have always been a bit of a tomboy. And, I'm cool with that most of the time. But the older I get, the more interested I am in beauty related topics. And, I realize just how little I know. Example, I've never purchased a single thing from Sephora's. I don't know any other women that can say that. Unless they don't have a Sephora in their city.

Anyway, for those of you who are interested in beauty related things, you should check out this post.

Later y'all!