Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Sorry for the long break! We had internet issues and then I just didn't feel like blogging. I'm back now and will post regularly.

Boring!!! That adequately describes Luanda. There's not much to do here for fun. No bowling, skating, museums, children's fun places. There is a movie theater but it's in Portuguese so...

On our compound, there is a swimming pool, tennis courts, soccer field, and playgrounds. But, it gets old seeing the same stuff all the time. There is a nearby beach called Mussulo which is a really nice spot. The problem is that I'm used to having a variety of things in Houston and here there just isn't much. So, we have to deal with the mundane existence here and then have a fabulous vacation every few months. It is what it is!

One way to deal with it though is that people have regular get togethers. There are birthday parties every week. There are different groups that get together for different activities as well: book club, bible study, prayer group, movie days, bunco, tennis matches, etc. So far, I do the prayer group and movie days. Bible study is at the same time as my portuguese class and I really have to get this language. I don't have my shipment yet so can't play tennis. I'm trying to find stuff to do though.

The highlight of everyone's life here are the vacations though. In October, we went to Namibia. It was fabulous and a post will come soon about that. We are spending Christmas in Cape Town, SA. Our goal is to make it to the following places before we leave: Kenya, Mauritius, Johannesburg, Victoria Falls, and Morocco. I really wish we could go to Egypt but they have to calm down there first. It is likely that we won't make it to all those places but we will see.

I miss all of you and will write again soon.