Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Kids Are Nuts!

We have all seen a woman in the store with her bad kids, right? Um, today, that was me. And, that is not cute. I will never talk about that woman again. First, we went to my old job to see everyone. My kids acted like they were on a playground on something, complete with screaming and laughing. Not cute. Later today, we went to the beauty supply store and Target. Again, they acted like little monkeys swinging on the cart and stuff. I threatened them and secretly pinched but nothing. So, when we got home, they got disciplined. We'll see what happens next time. I was so embarrassed.

Is it normal that I still cannot really process the fact that my cousin died? It still seems so unreal and if I really sit and think about it, I get so very sad. I guess time will heal this wound.

I'm ready for my husband to come home but I'm also nervous that we're going out of the country again soon. He talks as though he knows something but just doesn't want to say. I think I'll be okay with leaving again for a short time but I don't know if I'm ready to live in a very hard place. I gotta continue to pray about this one.

I need to call my daddy. I can't remember the last time I talked to him although I know it hasn't been more than two weeks.

I need to go to sleep.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm back again...

I did not mean to stop blogging for over a month. But, I've been a little busy. Now, I'm somewhat settled in to my old life in Houston.

We made some changes to our house and I'm very pleased. The tile in both bathrooms has been changed and I am beyond happy about that. The previous tile was so ugly. I hated it. We have hardwood floors in the living and dining room and new carpet in all the bedrooms. Feels like a new house except it isn't.

We purchased a chair in the Philippines that we both just loved. It just arrived last Friday and, um, it won't fit through the door. LOL!!! Dwayne and Donovan (neighbor) tried their hardest but it didn't fit. We didn't even think about the measurements. So, for now the chair is sitting in the garage collecting dust. How lovely!

Dwayne finally got the car he's been wanting for two years and I'm so happy for him. I could care less about cars in general so now he has the nicer car. That's cool since my car is the kid car. But, why did my little Danae tell me she doesn't like my car and only wants to ride in daddy's car. I told her that's fine but when I roll she'll just have to stay home. She changed her tune very quickly. But, she still reminded me that she likes daddy's car better. So do I!

Speaking of daddy, he's in Angola for the week. I hate it when he's not here. I can't sleep right so I get only about 5 or 6 hours each night. That is not a good look at all. I need him here with me to be comfortable. Danae has had a couple of breakdowns about her dad's absence so now we're doing a countdown...4 days until dad's back!

That's all I feel like writing about for now. I'll be back tomorrow.