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On Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon, I felt a little weak and dizzy. Yesterday was so bad, that I had to catch myself in the library because I really thought I might hit the floor.

Of course, I called the doctor. The culprit? That pesky little stomach virus that plagued my family over last weekend. While the rest of my family got over it in about 24 hours, it wasn't quite the same for me. I got over the vomiting and diarrhea part (I know TMI) pretty easily. But, the result was that my blood-sugar levels are now out of wack and my blood pressure dropped. Both have resulted in dizziness. Everything I ate right after the sickness went straight to nourishing the baby which meant I got her leftovers.

***NOTE: Yes, I said HER. It's wishful thinking. I don't know anything yet.***

Anyway, my blood pressure is always dangerously low during pregnancy. I was almost hospitalized during my first pregnancy when it dropped to 80/41. So, they're giving me a week to get stabilized …


This is what happens when children are playing in a room unsupervised for an extended period of time.

They almost emptied a bottle of baby powder. It was not easy to clean up. Every time I though I was finished, I saw a nice white film on the toys, bookshelf, walls, floor, etc. I'm just happy I didn't have to wash Kennedy's hair.

The Miracle of Childbirth

As I've said a few times before, I am not a morning person. Before kids, something had to be really important for me to wake up very early.

So, about 7 years ago when I lived in Tallahassee, a friend of mine was pregnant with her first child. Early on May 16, 2001 (JB, correct me if I'm wrong) I was awakened very early by my friend's husband to tell me she was in labor and that I should come over. Dwayne sat up in the bed completely shocked because I jumped out of bed and into the shower so quickly. He spent the next few minutes saying "I can't believe you are actually up this early".

I spent the next 14 or so hours in the labor and delivery section of Tallahassee Memorial Hospital watching her go through the ordeal of giving birth. I was absolutely amazed! I am still extremely amazed by the miracle of childbirth. I have no idea how anyone can give birth or witness childbirth and seriously not believe in God. Nothing that miraculous can happen by chance.


Universoul Circus

We went to the circus yesterday. I absolutely LOVE this circus! I'll go to this one instead of Ringling any day, even though it is obviously produced with a way smaller budget. I love to see a bunch of beautiful black families enjoying themselves. I enjoyed the energy in the place and the music.

Going to the circus reminded me of my days at FAMU. Being surrounded by beautiful Black folks who aren't trying to make any trouble; just having a good time.

However, if my daughter ever got on a stage popping it like the little girl yesterday, I would whip her butt. That girl was too much! Yes, we cheered for her, we just got caught up. But, after thinking about it, I was embarrassed for her because seriously that ain't cool. The two other girls were dancing but didn't look like they were ready to be on tour with Beyonce or anything.

Anyway, I had a blast and so did my kids and that's what it's all about.