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Happy New Year!

Hey Y'all!

Christmas was very nice. We even had a pretty good meal. It was hard to find all the necessary ingredients for us to have a truly country Christmas meal but we did have turkey, stuffing (as in Stove Top), mac and cheese, broccoli casserole, cornbread, dump cake, and maybe something else. I can't remember! I was craving my auntie's collard greens and dressing though.

For New Year's Eve, we went to the celebration near here. They had live performers, food, a lot of noise. We left by 9:00, went to eat, and then headed home. Danae stayed up until about 1 am because she was scared of the fireworks. They were EVERYWHERE! They have no laws against them here so we just looked out of the window at about 100 displays all around us. You know how the people put on shows for the 4th of July. Well, that's what people were doing at their own houses. Madness! It sounded like a war was going on outside. Danae sat in her dad's arms, wrapped under the covers, scared to death. I thought it was kinda cool.

We are so ready to come home. If Dwayne's company said we could go back to the USA but only if we moved Montana or Maine we would be right there. We are READY! It's so bad that we were mildly depressed a little. So, supposedly we're leaving here on March 31st headed back to Houston. Hopefully, nothing changes.


Anonymous said…
I am going to PRAY that nothing changes!!! Houston misses you guys!!!

Ayana :)
Anonymous said…
YEAH!!!! I hope nothing changes. We miss you all soooo much.
1969 said…
Happy New Year. I hope nothing changes too :)
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!! Tanya
Anonymous said…
Well I hope you get to go home on time. But I'm sorry that ur not having fun anymore. It seems so cool though I'm sure that it's lonely and hard not to be around familiar people and things especially around the holidays. Still praying for yall.
Anonymous said…
We miss you all too and hope to see you all soon. We are READY to have you all back in the U.S.A. so we can visit with you all. You all are in our prayers.

Anonymous said…

We would love to have you back. We really miss you guys. Even if you were in Montana you would be closer. Enjoy your stay now. Don't worry March will be here before you know it.

Anonymous said…
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I know I am late. I am praying for Houston.
Tell Danae Auntie Danuna misses her.


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